Video Premiere: Amid the Old Wounds – “Anywhere”

Posted: by The Editor

Amid the Old Wounds and You Could Be a Cop are two of the best current non-American emo bands who really feel like they could’ve been around in the ’90s, so their pairing on a new split on Time as a Color Records makes perfect sense. The bands work well together, with You Could Be a Cop’s slowcore- and post-rock-tinged take on the genre acting as a setup and climax before Amid the Old Wounds’ more singer-songwriter style back half picks up.

While You Could Be a Cop’s half is compiled singles from the past few years, Amid the Old Wounds’ portion is mostly unreleased material. The key word here is mostly –– it features a reworked version of “Anywhere,” a track from Daniel Becker’s pre-Amid the Old Wounds emo band Wishes on a Plane. This take is stripped down and raw, and it feels like a completely different song, but it’s just as moving as the original take. We’re excited to premiere the new video for “Anywhere,” which suits the track’s melancholic, nostalgic vibe.

You Could Be a Cop / Amid the Old Wounds Split is out now via Time as a Color.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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