Video Premiere: A Place For Owls – “Do I Feel At Home Here?”

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There was a time when indie rock, particularly that of the West-Northwest variety, was about artful guitars and big feelings: think Death Cab for Cutie or Lakes. Denver, CO five-piece A Place For Owls deals in the same big feelings and achy-beautiful riffs, simultaneously reflective and expansive.

“Do I Feel At Home Here” is my pick for the best single they’ve released off of their upcoming self-titled debut LP, and now it has a similarly winsome video. The song is a tight 2-minute groover, with dueling hooks from the guitars and gentle vocal melodies. It’s a comparison that will mean nothing to almost anyone but myself, but there’s moments where this song feels like Mineral Girls if they grew up singing in the church choir–elegant and elegiac while still having some of the guitar-forward urgency of their more frantic emo brethren.

The band galavants around their city, sipping from flasks and jumping off curbs, a kind of cheerful aimlessness reflected in the song’s refrain: “Do I feel at home here?”

A Place For Owls is out August 30th.


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Keegan Bradford // @FranziaMom

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