Transatlantic Trawler: Volume 3

Posted: by The Editor

Mauvaise Pioche
(Montpellier, France)

What can I say about Mauvaise Pioche other than it absolutely rips. It starts like the beginning of a The Hotelier record or something, but it’s ten really incredible, interesting, melodic punk tracks with some killer harmonies. It sounds like Bugsy Malone or some shit at times, really wild and super musical stuff with some absolute huuuuge moments (like 1:51 on “On manquera à personne”). Antho Sanchis is in a ton of bands that you’ll see on here throughout the months to come, and is unbelievably talented – he plays every single note on this one, and it makes me feel like shit. I love it. Long live Antho.

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(Jyväskylä, Finland)

Atmospheric, beautiful, and wide-reaching screamo straight outta Finland. At times frantic, like the start of “POHJASAKKAA,” it still remains super melodic and driving. It’s a really exciting first release from these cats. Truly have no idea what they’re saying, but who cares? Kinda sounds a lil’ like Kidcrash at times, which is one of the highest compliments I can pay anything.

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(Odense, Denmark)

Danish blackened, post-rock-esque screamo band Demersal get bleeeeaaak. One of my most played records of the year, Less is a pretty intense and brutal listen, but super fitting as we head into these cold months (where are my -30° heads at?). There are brief moments of light, though, like the trumpet (damn, I love the goddamn trumpet) at the end of “Amends,” or the slow beginning of “Thoughtless,” but they’re pretty short-lived. I’m a big fan of any unorthodox instrumentation, so the tambourine in the beginning of “Less” is super welcome – more tambo in screamo in 2021, please.

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Heavy Heart
(Nantes, France)

Heavy Heart should be right up there for fans of The Menzingers and Spanish Love Songs. Heart-on-your-sleeve punk rock from the streets of Nantes, their most recent release is their 2019 split with The Attendants and it’s a perfect introduction to the band – there’s some real nice elements of, like, British indie rock or something on “Ghost Town” (that lead sounds like something The Cribs would write or whatever), and it’s just generally a real pleasure to listen to this band, I can’t really say enough good things about ‘em. The Menzingers don’t need any more fans, listen to Heavy Heart instead. Yeah, I said it.

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(Vienna, Austria)

A change of pace, a palate cleanser, a switch-up. FARCE makes really beautiful and interesting alt-club bangers, and their latest release Trauma Bounce includes a perfect cover of “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer. Really can’t recommend checking all of their releases out, 2018’s Heavy Listening includes the incredible “I Hate Berlin II”, and the whole discography is just a really exciting exploration of IDM and electronic music through the lens of someone who will also cover Say Anything, so you know it’s gonna be cool and weird and interesting.

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Conor Mackie // @mackieconor

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