Ryan’s Tracks To Listen To: May 2017

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There is so much good music that I can’t cover fast enough with these articles. I figured this time I’d try to cover a lot of ground by throwing a diverse playlist at you. Not one of these songs sounds similar, but I love all of them, and I hope you feel the same. Mmmmm I love the smell of new music in the morning. I hope you enjoy.

The Dresden Dolls – “Girl Anachronism”

With a rough and ragged sound the Dresden Dolls take you on a ride on every track you listen to. I love “Girl Anachronism” for its fevered pace and desperate pounding feeling. This track sounds like its been locked up for too long and is starting to fall apart, but in a good way. Plug in and lose it with The Dresden Dolls.

Stars – “Personal”

Sad and sweet this song will make you feel things that you thought were outdated. A melancholy tune with a story about a blind date, the lyrics take precedence over the subtle music, but would be significantly less powerful without it. “Personal” is Poetry to set to music.

The F16s – “Moon Child”

Wow “Moon Child” is one of my new favorite tracks, and I almost never go in for songs with acoustic leads. With a bright and sunny sound, this track sounds like flamenco in slow motion, and I’ll bet, will make you smile. So if you’re looking for a bit of a pick me up after that Stars song from earlier give this one a listen.

Japanese Wallpaper – “Forces”

Well if I had to hold up an example of what I think dream pop should be “Forces” would be it. Serene as can be, this track sounds like a mild, pleasant, acid trip. Pretty and perfect, Japanese Wallpaper really nailed this one.


Diet Cig – “Tummy Ache”

Um, duh. If you’re not already listening to Diet Cig you’re missing out. Laid back yet empowering, “Tummy Ache” reminds me a lot of Bully’s slower songs. And I love Bully. Please Please Please take a listen.

Vèritè – “When You’re Gone”

Full disclosure, I found this on my Spotify discover playlist, so I have no idea how popular it is, but I didn’t recognize the artist UNTIL I DOWNLOADED HER ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY. I have listened to a lot of Vèritè in the past few days and When You’re Gone has got to be my favorite. Chilled out and sweet When You’re Gone hums along at just the pace I want it to.

Left Boy – “The Return Of…”

Man what do I even call this genre? Is it like country rock hip hop? You decide what to call it, all I know is that I can’t stop bumping it. The Return On… is full of funny clever lyrics about what how cool Left Boy is, an idiosyncrasy I find extremely charming. The people at Made Jour Label struck gold with these guys.

AuxFire – “Katie”

What a fun song, the fact that you can’t find this on Spotify is a tragedy. (At least I couldn’t let me know if you do) A great little bop that’s actually put together in a really interesting way, this song sounds like summer to me.

Colour –  “Slow”

An unjustly unsigned band from the UK Colour’s  “Slow” is haunting and catchy. This really is a diamond in the rough, with less than 5,000 views on youtube it has fewer views than a video I put up in the fifth grade of me breaking a coffee mug in slow motion at 240p. PLEASE FIX THAT. Go and support these guys, great group in the making.


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– Ryan Manns