Track/Video Premiere: Tiny Stills, “Bleeding Out”

Posted: by The Editor

Photo by John Lafirira

Tiny Stills makes the kind of pop-punk that feels soaked in the warmth of nostalgia without feeling like a referential rip-off of the music that they grew up with. Always equipt with massive hooks and sugary-sweet melodies, Tiny Stills seem to have perfected the sound and are ready to share something new with the world. Today, we’re excited to share the music video for a brand new song called “Bleeding Out.” Don’t be fooled by the sweetness of “Bleeding Out,” this track packs plenty of bite.

The music video,  directed by Justin Nelson, navigates the cyclical nature of masculinity and machismo in relationships in a way that’s akin to something like Silence of the Lambs. When asked about the video, Tiny Stills says, “This is a song about reclaiming your power after a toxic relationship. Our video is basically a mashup of Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” and “Silence of the Lambs” because isn’t that the emotional essence we experience at the end of a bad relationship anyway? A fierce power and rebirth? Or just chaos- either way it just felt right. John Lafirira and Justin Nelson were the brains behind the mashup and we love how it came out.” The music video can be seen below.

“Bleeding Out” will be available to stream everywhere on March 18th. You can pre-save the track here.

Joel Funk |@joelfunkii

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