Track Review: Wild Pink – “The Shining But Tropical”

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When we truly needed them the most, Wild Pink has returned, announcing news of a brand new album in a most spectacular single fashion. In the not so distant future — February 2, 2021 — the band will release A Billion Little Lights, the newest addition to an already impressive catalog. Ahead of that February release date, the band shared the album’s first single, “The Shining But Tropical,” a glorious, moving reintroduction to their continuing musical magic.

“The Shining But Tropical” comes soaring in with strings, and from there, the band weaves a tale of dreams, plans, and a coastal escape on the most perfect of days. Painting out this perfect imagery of a day spent in San Francisco, and a hope to remember it all, the song gives way to a repeated declaration — an affirmation that one deserves the peace and love they have so often desired.

At one point, the band allows you to get utterly lost in a section of unexpected experimentation. Glitching clashes with strings, and you’re left to wonder, to close your eyes and escape everything that’s utterly impossible, dismal, and terrible about this year. Wild Pink makes the impossible feel possible, they give you hope that something better might be coming. Sending you off with the sounds of birds chirping, it almost seems possible that the better we all deserve is just around the corner.

If you like what you hear, you can preorder A Billion Little Lights now from Royal Mountain Records.


Lauren Rearick // @laurenelizrrr

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