Track Review: Valleyheart—”Without a Doubt”

Posted: by The Editor

Valleyheart’s debut LP Everyone I’ve Ever Loved came out quietly at the end of last year, unfortunately missing out on the accolades the band deserved for their brand of dreamy, catchy alt rock. Their newest single “Without a Doubt” is sure to make up for that, though. Carried by propulsive drums and jangly riffs, it’s one of the band’s most immediately gripping tracks.
Maybe part of the song’s liveliness can be attributed to its collaborative nature. vocalist/guitarist Kevin Klein cowrote and recorded the song with Alex Zimmerman of Hugs, rounding out the track with help from Andrew Fisk and Murphy Johnson; it truly feels like a marriage of the two projects. It’s easy to call “Without a Doubt” deceptively bright, as its crescendo halfway through veers into some of the most aggressive territory Valleyheart’s ever treaded, while its outro is tastefully discordant. But it wouldn’t quite be true, because even as the track collapses on itself, Klein never does. When he shouts, “I’ll never figure it out,” it doesn’t even sound like surrender. It sounds like he’s ready to embrace the uncertainty.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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