Track Review: Tom Wardle — “Secret” (IRIS Mix)

Posted: by The Editor

Brooklyn-rooted British rocker, Tom Wardle, is back at it again with his freshest release, “Secret.” Still smoking from the fire that overtook his 2019 EP that had publications such as Rolling Stone stamping their seal of approval on tracks such as, “Jacqueline,” the new single feels right at home in Wardle’s ever-growing discography. 

When you first flip on “Secret,” you’re immediately hit with the dusty-rasp and grit that Wardle continuously captivates his audiences with. It’s as if you’re popping the lid off a fizzing soda can and letting the carbonation spew all over the room. This energy never takes a backseat as the entire track is a summer-throttling anthem begging to be played on high—wedged into a playlist beside other classic rocker types such as Humble Pie and Thin Lizzy. Throughout the depth-defying single, you get absorbed into the layered guitars that just meld into one another and the chorus that seems to be belted from the crevices of Wardle’s soul. 

When listening to the lyrics, take them with a grain of salt. Interpreting the words as any relationship woes that one might think “Secret” has been curated from doesn’t necessarily tick the inspiration box. The track is actually an ode to Wardle’s favorite soccer team, European Champion Nottingham Forest that has been a constant under-dog in the sport. Penning it about the club’s strong-willed fight back on top of English soccer, the track feels even more anthemic as it carries an air of hope for one of his lifelong passions. 

By the end of “Secret,” you will be ready to dive back in because that’s how gravitating this brit-rocker’s voice and presence is. Every song he releases is packed full of sunny dispositions and brighter skies. Pressing play on any of his work instantly projects you outdoors basking in the warmth of a breezy day, his voice as your soundtrack.

Tom Wardle is the epitome of how every artist wants to be felt through their work, and to see him completely harness that talent and elevate it through every release causes so much anticipation for what comes next. So, take a moment to distract yourself from life’s gloom and allow Wardle’s music to spread its warmth through you.


Hope Ankney | @hope_ankleknee

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