Track Review: The Sonder Bombs – “I Dont Have One Anymore”

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If you’ve been sleeping on The Sonder Bombs, their new single is a perfect example of why you should wake up. “I don’t have one anymore” is a powerful proclamation, continuing the narrative of being a modern female rockstar from their debut album of the same name.

“The threshold I have for bullshit with men is…I don’t have one anymore,” is a quote that comes straight from pop queen herself Lady Gaga and gives this new track its title and definition. Making a cameo in the first few seconds of the song, the intent is abundantly clear; being unforgiving to men who are in the business of bullshit.

Covering experiences from closed doors to entitlement, The Sonder Bombs’ Willow Hawks is over the mediocrity and hypocrisy she has to deal with in the industry. Though the lyrics offer a few sympathetic lines about how difficult it must be to stand out in a band with a lineup and songs that are identical to other all-male bands, sometimes the best statements need sarcasm. Hawks sings why it’s time for the old norm of a male-dominated scene to take several seats. It’s lackluster, narratives aren’t changing, and it’s just so damn boring.

“I don’t have one anymore” is armed with the band’s signature ukulele punk and a super-fun music video filled with self-care tactics Willow uses to rid herself of the controlling, daunting atmosphere of men thinking she needs their help. Hawks is continually vocally impressive on this track, using her powerful alto voice to reach low notes that are simply gorgeous. With background vocals building near the song’s end, the focus on the message never changes. Because what’s clear here is this: don’t be fooled by the joy of the woman dancing around in her apartment, drinking wine in the bath, and laying on the couch while the guitars and drums kick in around her. She’s joyous because she knows she should be feared.

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