Track Review: The OBGMs – “Cash”

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The OBGMs are ready to take what’s theirs. No questions asked. This past Friday, the OBGMs (short for The oOoh Baby Gimme Mores) a Toronto punk three piece released the mic-throttling,  “Cash,” their first new music in three years, and it begs to be screamed into faces everywhere.

“Cash” sees the OBGMs take much of their synth-driven sound from their self-titled record and break it down to its most primal, their most rage-filled. The underlying groove is still there, but in place of the dance-inspired breakdowns that pop up all over their 2017 self-titled LP, Densil McFarlane and co. throw down a wrathful marker for taking what’s yours. Breathless, frenetic screams like “got no options, got no second chance, got no love,” and “runnin’ from the law like circumstances got no consequence” paint a picture of a band with nothing to lose, embracing their individuality, fully ready to unleash their own vision upon the world. Sinister, brooding guitar cascades into waves of overdrive, bookending the single with a sense of foreboding while bass and drums run all over the fine line between hardcore and dance-punk.

Speaking about the single, McFarlane lays the band’s intent bare, pulling no punches. “It’s a slap in the face…The OBGMs self-titled was on some happy to be here shit. The singles and eventual album are on some ‘I deserve to be here’ stuff…we wanted to slap people in the face to let them know we are the ones to mess with.”

“Cash” is out now on Black Box Music


Adam Parshall//@parshallythere

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