Track Review: Save Face – ‘Bummer’

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Photo by Kyle Musser

The current state of the union may be a bummer, but the new track from Jersey’s Save Face of the same name is far from it. Save Face just dropped their new track “Bummer” from their upcoming split with Grad Life, and the music video is packed to the gills with artists from throughout the DIY and emo music worlds.

As far as the track itself, “Bummer” perfectly captures what I, a 22-year-old acting like bagels are the answer to all of life’s problems, think on a regular basis. Repeated hook, “What the hell am I supposed to do?” about trying to fit in a community you’re not really sure you’re supposed to fit into immediately caught my attention. And with a slower heavy vibe, it definitely stands out as summer is winding down.

The thing I love about the way “Bummer” sounds is that the slower tempo doesn’t take away from the intensity. The way the chorus punches in as Tyler Povando claims, “I don’t know what to do” is not only the biggest mood there is, but an amazing show of how heavy rock mixes with vulnerability. The music video pairs perfectly and is just ultra-fun to watch.

Among this and other things, “Bummer” makes me stoked for Save Face’s split with Graduating Life out September 20th from Epitaph/Pure Noise.


Kayla Carmicheal // @carmikeall

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