Track Review: Pale Lungs – Corners

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Last we heard from Pale Lungs was on the melancholy “Right Where You Left Me,” which found the band “out on the town” for a night of drinking. But on “Corners,” they’re waking up “sober-minded.” Like “Right Where You Want Me,” the band’s latest single is slow-paced and reflective, but the song’s got some bite to it. Each successive chorus adds a bit more crunch until the song takes itself apart piece by piece in its dwindling outro. 

“Corners” doesn’t have the energy of the most driving songs off of 2018’s delightful Grow Towards the Sun EP, but it boasts some of the band’s most evocative lyricism yet and shows off a newfound ambition. Though it’d be the second shortest song on that EP, it feels more expansive and covers more ground (and emotion) than nearly any of those songs. Grow Towards the Sun was the sound of a band with a hell of a lot of potential, but “Corners” proves that Pale Lungs’ next release will be a realization of that potential.  

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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