Track Review: Mini Trees – “Spring”

Posted: by The Editor

Mini Trees, the solo project of Los Angeles musician Lexi Vega, makes lush, vivid indie pop. The project is a recent signee to Boston’s Run For Cover Records, and feels emblematic of the labels shift towards inclusion of softer sounds alongside it’s punk and hardcore reputation. While listeners will have to wait to hear Vega’s debut full-length, she has shared the new single “Spring” as a taste of what’s to come. 

“Spring” sounds like the natural next step from prior Mini Trees releases, the EPs Steady Me and Slip Away, in that it stays true to the calming, patient structure, but fleshes out the background. Vega sounds in command on this song about a hypothetical life-long love, and it’s production is full, expertly arranged, and inspired. It’s the sound of an artist preparing herself for her music to fill larger rooms. 

Vega’s Bandcamp page describes her sound as “living room pop,” rather than the bedroom pop label that is so easy to slap on anything in this vein. It’s fitting that Vega’s sound be distinguished as such, as it ‘s not cloistered away and private – it seems meant to be shared, meant to feel communal. 

Eric Bennett | @violet_by_hole

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