Track Review: Hana Vu — “Maker”

Posted: by The Editor

Hana Vu Maker Single Cover

Los Angeles musician Hana Vu kicks off her newest single “Maker,” released July 14 via Ghostly International, with the solo strums of a banjo. Those dreamy, fuzzy notes set the tone for a swelling track of longing and sorrow. Vu begs “Maker” or “a three-letter word” to change her, turn her into someone else: “Can you make me / Anybody else? / Maker, make me / Taker, take it all / Can you make me / Anything at all?

The “Maker” music video, released the same day as the track, features a little girl with a despondent, unchanging expression. She packs a bag and wonders about a busy city. The video ends with her taking a train—where we see Vu herself, sitting a seat ahead of the girl—to the beach, where she is seen floating alone in the ocean.

Anyone who’s ever been lost and drenched in feelings of uncertainty will relate to this song. By layering the simple instrumental and vocals bit by bit, Vu creates a beautiful, dynamic song that slowly builds, swells, and falls. Leaving the listener wanting more.


Jordan Snowden | @snowden_jordan

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