Track Review: Courier Club—”Soundscape 1992″

Posted: by The Editor

Courier Club have sneakily become one of the freshest new bands in the game right now. From their Minecraft coronavirus relief festival to their brand of dancey post-punk, they feel like an updated version of a band you loved in 2002, at once nostalgic and forward-thinking.

Perhaps part of it is owed to the band’s playful attitude. The bridge of “Soundscape 1992,” the latest single from the band’s upcoming Drive Like Your Kids Live Here EP, includes a spoken word interlude about “Chinese takeout / the best in the town” and PlayStation 2. It’s for sure goofy, but it’s charming, too, especially because it’s followed by the much-too-sincere hook, “I wanna dance with you.”

Listening through “Soundscape 1992,” I’m particularly reminded of another recent catchy post-punk project. That warbly hook would’ve felt right at home on What What What’s 2017 Shopping Is a Feeling.  Unfortunately, we haven’t heard from that band since that LP, but something tells me we’ll be talking about Courier Club for a long time.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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