Track Review: Bnny – “Ambulance”

Posted: by The Editor

It seems Chicago may have usurped Philadelphia’s throne as the city currently producing the most interesting new bands. The latest signee to Fire Talk records, Bnny, is also the latest in a string of Chicago bands trying to break the mold. Bnny is made up of twins Jess and Alex Viscius, Tim Makowski, Matt Pelkey, and Adam Schubert. The band recently announced their debut album would be entitled Everything, and the latest single from it, “Ambulance” is only a sliver of the majesty contained within it.

Jess Viscius takes the lead on the melancholy tune, which ambles amongst simple plucks of guitar and bass.  “Ambulance” exists in a dream-like state, each word is expelled into hazy reverb, scratches of guitar below her like worn wood floors. Just over two minutes, it’s fascinating how much is packed into its seemingly minimal frame. It’s always a pleasant wonder how music can seem to take on temporal qualities, and “Ambulance” carries with it a chilling tone. You can practically hear the cold nighttime air that looms around Viscius’ narrator. 

Everything will be released August 20th on Fire Talk Records

Eric Bennett | @violet_by_hole

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