Track Review: Alex Field – “Carax Fever Dreams”

Posted: by The Editor

Alex Field is an indie singer/songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio, influenced by emo pop from the 2000s (think The New Amsterdams, Jimmy Eat World, and Dashboard Confessional). I came across his music through his song “On Your Coldest Day” one day deathscrolling on Reddit. Struck by how good the production was, I included it on several playlists and contacted the artist to compliment his work (as one does).

Since then, he has released a new single called “Carax Fever Dreams.” Both tracks will be included on an EP planned to come out later this year. So how does the track hold up?

The song ponders about a past lover who has become unreachable, yet lingers in the narrator’s head, still “haunting” him. This is thematically consistent with the previous song which speaks of what it feels to be in love, while this feels akin to a post breakup song (I guess things didn’t work out). Production is still stellar and I particularly enjoy the light use of synth in the track. Perhaps a bit too cheesy for some, but if you’re interested in glimmering acoustic-ish songs about love and loss then this might be up your alley. 

David K. | @realoemo

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