Track Premiere: Whiner—’Panic Room’

Posted: by The Editor

The New Jersey band Whiner make anxious goth-rock with a cinematic flair. Their latest single, “Panic Room,” from their upcoming EP You Never Have To Feel This Way Ever Again is as dramatic as its cover art and project title make it out to be. It begins with gushing, steamy synths that are dressed with dainty yet foreboding piano plunks, and then it opens up into this sinister 80s club rocker.

Although the meat of “Panic Room” is clearly The Cure-influenced, Whiner’s playing style (pressing, sharp, aggressive) is distinctly modern. The song is also produced quite well, as everything is loud enough and the levels within the mix lay in and back off for maximum emphasis. That’s important for an effect-ridden sound like this, and it lends itself to the exhilarating, glass-smashing guitar solo that sprays out of the song’s climactic final moments.

Stream the three-minute ripper below:

You Never Have To Feel This Way Ever Again is out 4/20 (nice) via their Bandcamp.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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