Track Premiere: Waves and Billows – “Courage”

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While the Midwest emo scene has been the focus of the genre’s popularity for the last few years, San Diego’s Waves and Billows show that location isn’t the only thing that makes a band’s sound. “Courage” matches vocal melodies with sloping guitars. The song hinges on the lyrics “But I’m finding the courage, the courage to stay / but I’m finished looking for excuses for me to run away,” at which point it changes from a sweeter melodic instrumentation to a full on jam. There is a thread of subdued energy throughout, which is a tough balance to maintain, but hits you right in the gut because it is done well.

This track comes from the band’s forthcoming second EP, Honest With Myself, out February 16. Waves and Billows have a handle on honest, downtrodden emotions. This is the type of music that will give you a sense of longing and melancholy, which many find solace in. If that’s what you need right now, look no further.

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Scott Fugger / @Scoober1013

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