Track Premiere: Virginity – “You Can’t Stop the Machine”

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POPMORTEM is technically Virginity’s second full-length, but in some ways it feels like their first. Their debut, With Time, came out of vocalist and guitarist Casey Crawford’s personal recording sessions as he was urged to expand upon, and ultimately release, songs he had written for himself. While that album holds a special place in my heart as something that caught me off guard and fully brought me to fandom the first time I heard it, I’ve been even more excited to see what the band they’ve become is able to do with a fully planned, fleshed out, and realized LP 2. 

Today’s premiere, “You Can’t Stop The Machine,” is the third single from POPMORTEM and finds Virginity at their heaviest yet. This track turns both the volume and distortion way up, while remaining true to the band’s power punk foundation. The gripping loud-soft-loud structure and rhythmic vocals meshed with chugging instrumentals make you feel like you’re in a crowded room with a hundred or so tightly packed bodies rocking back and forth in imperfect, forceful sync. Lyrically the song deals with the way we move through life and how the speed at which it happens often catches you off guard when you least expect it. That’s clearly not always a bad thing though, as Virginity’s whirlwind of the last two years has led to plenty of great music, bigger and better opportunities for the band, and tons of receptive ears that have quickly turned into fans.

POPMORTEM is out 10/15 via SmartPunk.

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Scott Fugger

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