Track Premiere: Virginity – ‘Oh See See’

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Life is hard, and weird, and way too much at once. Those are the feelings that led me to become such a devoted fan of Florida emo legends Dikembe. So when they told me that their comedian friend, Casey, was putting together an emo album that was truly something special, I had to take notice.

Virginity is that band, and they aren’t afraid to touch some darker subjects. As Casey told us about the record, “At age 30 I found myself dealing with an enormous amount of anger that I’d repressed from a childhood that was, I realize now, fraught with anxiety, depression and mental abuse. I understand now that it’s not normal to stay home from school crying for a week at age 11. I recognize that it’s not normal for a parent to drag an entire family from bed and scream at them at 6 AM on a Saturday morning because someone put a dish in the wrong spot. When you’re a kid though, your normal is your normal. These songs are/were my way of dealing with that and dealing with the idea that, while I am getting older, there is still time for me to be better and do better. I’m not yet defined. Or at least I don’t have to be. I hope you find some catharsis in these songs or at least find a tune or two you’d like to yell along to.”

The Daytona based artist is in your face Florida emo from the first verse of their first song, and we love to see it. We are premiering that track “Oh See See” now, off their upcoming record With Time out June 4th, on Dikembe’s Death Protector Collective label. Fans of Midtown, Osker, Prince Daddy, Modern Baseball, and of course Dikembe should take a listen below, and be on the lookout for their debut LP next month.


Henderson Cole // @HendoSlice

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