Track Premiere: Trench – “Carbon Dust”

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Photo by: Dani Nuckols

“Carbon Dust”, the second single off of Trench’s debut album Ritual Love, has the dark energy and slow burning post rock feel of Greet Death, Nothing, or some of the earlier Basement records. Like those albums, the track targets some emotional themes and draws upon difficult situations. As the band told us, “‘Carbon Dust’ largely revolves around the struggles of addiction in people that are close to you, and and how defining that affliction can be in a relationship.”

Take a listen to “Carbon Dust” below and mark your calendars for the release of this album on September 21st.

Ritual Love is being released on 9/21 via Flesh and Bone Records. You can preorder it on vinyl or digitally now.

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Henderson Cole // @HendoSlice

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