Video Premiere: Tranquility – “Harder Now”

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Photo by Kinkade Ruppert

Tranquility’s 2017 debut, Sonic Prosperity, worked as an introduction to what the band is capable of. The record addresses the band’s personal obstacles accompanied by thoughtful instrumentation. The result was a balance of vivid poetry and beautiful musicianship, which made Sonic Prosperity a strong first release. After a year of arduous touring and general growth, Tranquility return stronger than ever with their new single ‘Harder Now.’

‘Harder Now’ looks and feels like the same band, but reinforced by a maturity that comes with growing up. While Sonic Prosperity shimmered with a youthful glow, ‘Harder Now’ shows the band brimming with a new-found intensity and confidence. The song’s visuals (directed by Kinkade Ruppert) show the group standing amid a flood of memories.

“‘Harder Now’ was inspired by a dream I had about losing a loved one, but that dream has become a reality. Experiencing such events I’ve had to accept the truth of being able to say farewell to a dear friend and carry on in life. I’ve found that I can either question everything or I can let it go and be at peace. This song touches on the darker aspects of life but has opened me up to a beautiful light with being able to continue through life.” – vocalist Brett Kaminski:

As difficult as moving on may be, the band march forward, cherishing the past and looking forward to the future. Keep an eye out for new music from Tranquility, as well as shows near you throughout the winter, including select dates with Mat Kerekes and Jetty Bones.

Check out the video for ‘Harder Now’ below:

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