Track Premiere: Tomber Lever—’Itsbeenitsend’

Posted: by The Editor


Although Tomber Lever vocalist Eli Foy often sings with the same eccentric, nasally yelp as AJJ’s Sean Bonnette, the comparisons to the most over-referenced folk-punk band in existence stop there. Tomber Lever are weird. Their press release refers to them as “an idiosyncratic synthesis of punk rock, weirdo folk and math rock,” but even that feels like an underdeveloped description. They’re one of those bands that sound like they don’t care who listens to them, who they’re signed with or even who they play with—just that someone appreciates them for their flagrant kookiness. Their debut full-length Furniture Pedagogue dropped way back in early January (a nobly careless PR move) and next week they’ll release a split 12″ with Long Beach’s Struckout via Funeral Sounds and Pacific Nature.

“Itsbeenitsend,” which we’re premiering below, will be one of two (not including a bonus track for the vinyl edition) Tomber Lever tracks on there. It’s a bizarre number that begins with summery, jangly guitars and a crunchy bassline; dips into a bouncy little refrain that sets itself up for an eruption; and ultimately drifts into sweet yet tense reverb, dangling an impending climax in front of its listener before fading into nothingness. In most situations, such a sonic tease would be irritating; for this track, its the crux of its peculiar replay value.

Stream it below:


The full Tomber Lever/Struckout split 12″ will be out 10/21 via Funeral Sounds and Pacific Nature.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis