Track Premiere: The Losing Score—”Dear Sister”

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In an era where it couldn’t possibly be more embarrassing to be an American, The Losing Score want a piece of us—or at least a page from our pop-punk playbook. The Shrewsbury, UK band make chunky palm-muted guitar emo that borrows equally from Weezer and Bayside. Their last single sounds like they’d say The Killers sound like late-era Modern Baseball, not the other way around. And their new one sounds like if someone made a whole band in the image of Joyce Manor’s “Last You Heard of Me”. These are immense compliments, by the way. The Losing Score seem to have a big following in the UK but I think they’d play really well in the States on a tour (remember those?) with Carpool and Origami Angel. That sort of thing.

Anyways, “Dear Sister” is the first offering from an upcoming EP of theirs, and it’s a bouncy pop-punker that rules really damn hard. Vocalist Brodie Normandin does sound a lot like Bayside frontman Anthony Raneri on here (I’ve already noticed a Bayside comeback in newer bands, and I’m tapping them as a respectable reference for the next Long Island emo band to break out in 2021), who’s one of  the most objectively talented singers in the 2000’s American pop-punk canon. However, Normandin’s got that emo non-pretentiousness that keeps this track primed for basement sing-alongs. Its video pulls out all the USA stops: references to Breaking Bad, Always Sunny, and Jimmy Fallon; a three-musicians-stuffed-on-a-couch sequence; and a couple prominent shots of one of them wearing a green Prince Daddy hoodie, which is essentially the Gulch hoodie for emos.

Check out the song and video below, and stay tuned for more information about The Losing Score’s upcoming EP. If you’ve read this far and appreciate these musical references, this thing is a shoe-in for your next playlist.

Poster by Cam Lopez (@sirgrimmington on Twitter).

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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