Track Premiere: The Electric Arch—’Crisps & Crackers’

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The Electric Arch is the New Orleans project of multi-instrumentalist James Marler, which is fleshed out into a quartet in the live setting. After a string of singles over the last few years, they’ll be releasing their debut album, Out of Range, on 10/25 and we’re stoked to be premiering the first track on the record, “Crisps & Crackers.” Out of Range was recorded with vintage ’60s and ’70s equipment in order to capture the authentic sounds of early French psych-pop, surf, and garage-rock, but none of it rings of forlorn nostalgia bait.

“Crisps & Crackers” immediately sinks into a nodding groove that never lets up, as Marler adds reverbed guitar shimmers, streaky distorted riffs, and a mouthwatering bass solo over a steady, plunky piano lick.  His lethargic, stoned delivery grounds the psychedelic instrumentals to keep things from drifting too far of into the ether, and each respective part is leveled perfectly within the mix. It sounds positively gorgeous and Marler finds just the right balance between exercising his obvious virtuosity and doing justice to the song’s sturdy melodic structure. It’s psych-pop par excellence.

Stream it below:

Out of Range will be self-released on 10/25 . Check out the tracklist:

1. Crisps & Crackers
2. Postcard to Celeste
3. Las Ramblas
4. Granada
5. Porcelain Hole
6.Saturday Night Into Sunday Morning
7. Moving to the Island
8. Lullaby (for Donostia)
9. Lost City
10. Can’t Stand It
11. Western Civ

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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