Track Premiere: Superdestroyer – “Remember Feelings”

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Artist picture by Lonely Ghost Records

Many artists strive to be “post-genre” (and, frankly, many music outlets should aim for the same), but not all accomplish that goal. Artists can, of course, accept or reject genre labels freely, but it’s difficult to be truly regarded as post-genre if there is no diversity of sound in their catalogue. Columbus, Ohio’s Superdestroyer actually accomplishes that feat, having started out with a foot rooted in the DIY scene before blossoming into something altogether messier and more authentic. If you were to ask Superdestroyer, however, they might say their music manages to “piss fans of every genre off with songs that can’t be enjoyed conventionally by anyone!”

Superdestroyer’s sound could be characterized as emotional (but not “emo”) music about “midwest malaise” and “late twenties existential angst,” but they pick and choose influences and layer sounds to evoke an intended feeling. In their discography, which includes albums Home Movies Are Time Travel (2020) and Pets. (2019), Superdestroyer layer electronics, chill-wave, mid-80’s Black Flag-era punk, and ambient acoustics to create a vibe that is wholly their own. Of course, even using those terms to describe the music flies in the face of what Superdestroyer stands for. 

Superdestroyer is something of an enigma. To wit, label Lonely Ghost Records’ bio reads, in part, “Superdestroyer is the project of an anonymous Columbus, Ohio dumbass who thought he was actually going to have fun releasing music.”

“Remember Feelings?” is the first single off their second LP Things Are Made Of Things, And Those Things Are Made Of More Things, releasing February 19.

Superdestroyer offered the following thoughts about the track:

“Remember feelings?” is an expression of frustration directed towards this modern phenomena that we see, in which people co-opt social movements without actually caring or engaging. This is a complex issue, because we live in a society in which people have purposely been made to feel disenfranchised—as if they are not able to influence change because our problems are too large and their influence too small—and yet they hold this paradoxical view that posting a black square on an instagram page is activism. It’s sort of caring without having to care, or being aware without awareness. We’re kept busy and distracted to prevent organization, and yet some people also allow themselves to be kept in that state to justify a lack of motivation to organize or participate. It’s a numb existence. The questions “are you ok?” or “how are you doing?” in the context of the past years have become platitudes. It seems like anyone who has been paying attention should assume the forgone conclusion of “Things are shitty. I’m doing shitty. Like, open your eyes. Are you ok?” and this song is an expression of those feelings

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