Track Premiere: Stickup Kid – ‘Draining’

Posted: by The Editor

It’s great when classic bands that were seminal to the rise of some of our favorite genres come back to grace us with brand new jams, and that’s exactly the case with the new music from Stickup Kid. Stickup Kid are a pop-punk band from San Jose that started in 2009 with a strong burst of upbeat jams and a whole lot of heart.

After a short hiatus filled with extensive writing, the group is ready to share their the second single, “Draining,” off their upcoming record. With a catchy chorus and driven guitar riffs, the song is a great example of their progression from a cliche pop-punk outfit, to a well layered pop-rock sound that the band has found with these new tracks.

You can check out their new single below and keep an eye out for their coming full length record.


Luciano Ferrara // @LucianoRFerrara

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