Track Premiere: Stars Hollow—’Tadpole’

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Stars Hollow is the epitome of emo’s newest wave. With similarities to bands such as Origami Angel, Commander Salamander, Jail Socks, and even elders Algernon Cadwallader, this Iowa band is making strides in the new age of twinkling. The trio released an EP last year which skyrocketed them to the front page of r/emo, and their hype has yet to falter. Since March, they’ve embarked on several tours, and with the release of a new single, “Tadpole,” they have plans to head out again.

The track, which we’re premiering below, opens up hard with a heavy drop and immediately hits you in the chest with, “I don’t wanna grow old together.” Tyler Stodghill talks about how he doesn’t want this relationship, be it platonic or romantic, to slip by fast, ending with them retired on a porch together. There’s still plenty of things he wants to do and say, and he doesn’t want it to become too late. “I want to tell you the things I never did / because I didn’t want to ruin everything / but I still ruin everything.” The Iowan singer once again drives a relatable point the only way an emo kid knows how; by screaming it at the top of their lungs.

Something I personally love about this track is that you can feel the emotion in Stodghill’s voice. Obviously, he’s upset because of the volume of his words, but beyond that you can feel the sense of urgency and fear in his inflection. He’s genuinely scared of what he assumes is ruining another thing, and wants to tell them before it happens again. 

Stars Hollow is what emo had wanted to be for a long time. It’s a name that will (hopefully) be remembered when kids on r/emo go over the GOATs of this era of DIY music. After an amazing 2018, it will be hard to top, but if anyone can do it, it’s these boys.

Stream “Tadpole” below:

Stars Hollow is Tyler Stodghill, Jesse Ledbetter, Andrew Ferren. This song was recorded at The Warming House by Greg Lindholm. 

Jordi Perbtani | @halo2remastered

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