Track Premiere: Space Phase—”Power”

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The Columbia, Maryland artist Space Phase has returned with a new song called “Power”. It’s the first single off his upcoming album How To Read and we’re happy to be premiering it below. It absolutely rules.

Space Phase is the project of multi-instrumentalist Rex Echevarria, who’s been making home-brewed music since his mid-teens that he brings into a full-band setting during non-COVID times. “Power” is mostly an Echevarria solo affair, but it also features celestial background vocals from a Baltimore artist named Eyas, who recently collabed with JPEGMAFIA on a track called “The Who”. Eyas and Space Phase actually teamed up a couple years back for an excellent cover of the trip-hop classic “Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand” by Primitive Radio Gods, which appeared on Space Phase’s Cola Champagne EP. The project found a curious middleground between dream-pop, psych-pop, and lo-fi funk in the vein of early Toro Y Moi (who Space Phase taps as one of his biggest influences).

“Power”, on the other hand, feels more in-line with the world of Elliott Smith and Alex G. There are countless artists making that type of dreary and sometimes psychy indie-folk right now, but Space Phase is different because he can actually fucking sing. Throughout this track, his pained croon swells and contracts atop fibrous acoustic guitar strums and gradually ballooning ambiance. Eventually, a steady rhythm section enters and the song floats even higher into a swirl of delightful dream-pop that’s as cozy and warm as it is emotionally affecting. Then, at its most climactic and grandiose moment, it abruptly ends. That’s true power.

Listen to “Power” below and dig into the older Space Phase projects on his Bandcamp:

Check out Space Phase on Bandcamp.


Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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