Track Premiere: Snow Roller—’Mr. Longo’

Posted: by The Editor

Although Snow Roller have always been a fuzz-pop band, they’ve also always had an edge. Frontman Colin Kritz’s needly guitarwork on 2016’s What’s The Score? and 2017’s XXL possessed the ability to be carried out into something gruffer, and “Mr. Longo,” the third single from their upcoming third album Y2k, is his long-awaited flirtation with grit being crystallized.

The track is a side-winding basher of discordant riffs and licks, and Kritz’s gravelly voice strains itself more than ever before. It’s all held together by a crunching bassline, though, and the melody he yelps out during what’s technically the chorus is surprisingly sticky. It’s interesting to hear Kritz and co. venture into something heavier, and going by the strength of Y2k‘s other singles, it’s shaping up to be Snow Roller’s most varied record to date.

Stream “Mr. Longo” below:

Y2k is out 9/28 via Near Mint and Slang Church.

Eli Enis | @eli_enis

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