Track Premiere: Same – “Admin Reveal”

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Same make the kind of breezy, jammy music that defies genre definition beyond the general umbrella of “indie.” Many songs on their debut Plastic Western grew organically out of riffs, allowing for all sorts of ideas to emerge. “That’s the band philosophy,” vocalist and bassist Jesse ​​Caggiano told The Alternative in an interview a few months ago, “there’s no particular sound or there’s no real guideline of what can be a song that we put out.” 

Today, the band is back with a killer single “Admin Reveal” and the announcement of their second record, Does it Go Any Faster?, out next month with production from Matt Schimelfenig and mastering by Ian Farmer (preorders are live on Same’s bandcamp now). In the same interview, Caggiano described the recording process of Does it Go Any Faster?, saying “we recorded live and it gave us way more of a live feel and also no click-track, just let us kind of blaze through the songs like we’d been practicing them and it was super fun and way more efficient. People always say when you record live without a click, that energy is there, it feels way more like you’re playing from the heart instead of just paying attention to the click.”

That energy is palpable on “Admin Reveal,” a song the band describes as “a breezy pop-rock cut set to island time, where a politician polishes off a beachside beverage while the legislation they just okayed harms millions.” The drums interact with the rest of the group in such a lively way that you can feel the fact that they are all playing together in the studio. The guitars soar overtop at points, bringing to mind gulls swooping above the sea—or maybe American drones flying over one of the countless cities subjected to that terror with the stamp of approval from the politicians satirized in the song. The island feel and sardonic delivery of the lyrics like “started the day with a pledge / ended with a pitching wedge / I’m on vacation, and I like it / can’t shoot me down when I’m not around” certainly bring to mind the image of Ted Cruz, polo shirt failing to hide his gut, jetting off to Cancun while millions of his constituents went without electricity in their homes.


Does it Go Any Faster? is out on 10/27.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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