Track Premiere: salamander – xylem

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salamander is a very collaborative band. Formed originally by PJ Hunter and Leo Frampton and then joined by Ben Verde, each member contributes meaningfully to the songwriting process. Their new track from their upcoming debut, xylem, is a haunting and hypnotic trip that allows the band members to create enough space for the big sounds they create without feeling too vast to be comfortable. Fans of Yo La Tengo, Spirit of the Beehive, and Swirlies will feel at home but will also find plenty of new discoveries here.

Leo Frampton speaks on the origin of the song:

“For a while as a kid, I could not stop thinking about the end of life, and how some day, my consciousness would cease. My parents and grandparents tried their best to console me and turn around my 10 year old angst as I became increasingly obsessed with the same dark, fruitless subject matter. This song sprouted from the way I have made peace with this fear, trying to see my own life and generation as part of a cycle bigger and smaller than myself.”

Salamander will self-release their debut album independently on October 18th.

Jami Fowler | @audiocurio

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