Track Premiere: Roseville—”Riot Juice”

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With a bright riff and classic “woo!” on the pause, Roseville’s “Riot Juice” is the track that everyone at a live show would surge forward for. Upon my initial listen, my first thought was that this is a song that deserves the classic pop-punk finger-point during the chorus, and I completely stand by that.

It bounces from the moment it begins, throughout the build-up of the bridge, and to the last beat—and is demonstrative of a side of the group that isn’t afraid to be playful and reach to different sub-genres for inspiration. The call of “riot juice!” that introduces the song? A lil punky. The first few drumstick taps that lead into a perky lead guitar? Straight-up emo. The emphasized gang vocals and downbeats of the chorus? Pop-punk to the core.

It’s the inquisitive and playful nature of the track that comes through in lyrics that feel both self-deprecating (“I’m so used to denying all my shit / so I’ll avoid you”) and reflective (“I know now / we’ve been moving too fast / and I just wish that you would slow down”). It’s the way they pair perfectly with the tone of the instrumentals that makes this song worth a listen. Plus, it’s almost exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds and the cover is of drummer Brett sipping from a cocktail pitcher. Which says more about the vibe of  this thing than any words I can muster.

Stream it below:

If you like what you hear, be sure to pre-save the track on Spotify for when it’s available tomorrow (8/31).

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