Track Premiere: Real Life Buildings — ‘Bitter’

Posted: by The Editor

Brooklyn based and self-described “pensive punk” band Real Life Buildings are about to release their forthcoming album, Ohio and West, through Lauren Records on March 29th and we are excited to share their newest single “Bitter”. With thoughtful lyrics, edgy synth, and crinkly melodies the track is representative of what fans can expect from the record.

Vocalist Matt Van Asselt underwent a surgery after damaging their vocal chords, and afterwards they were forced to reflect on their career. The surgery helped Asselt slow down and take inventory of the importance and fluidity of music in their life. However, the surgery didn’t stop Asselt from creating, it only fueled the writer to produce something more meaningful than ever before.

Much of “Bitter” reflects the common theme of Ohio and West, an album all about cycles, which Asselt describe as, “the movement through a song, only to be followed by another song, the ups and downs of touring, time passing, trying again”. Take a listen to the track and pre-order the record now through Lauren Records.

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Emily Kitchin | @deathnap4cutie

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