Track Premiere: Quinn Cicala—’Gdnght’

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Back in April I wrote a review about Cicala’s full-band LP, and not even three months later, vocalist and lyricist Quinn Cicala is back with an eight track LP that’s out 9/6. The charmingly casual and calm first single “Gdnght” finds the songwriter contemplative—filled with maybes and what if’s and backed by Cicala’s strumming, which has such a natural flow it manages to make a simple pattern feel comforting. 

“Gdnght” is a taste of what I feel is the most stunning part of Cicala’s music: the knack they have for ditching conventional rhyme schemes in lieu of stream-of-consciousness writing that echoes writers like Brian Sella or Oliver Houston. There’s a certain warmth in every track that’s fueled by the anecdotal, conversational way lyrics like “Maybe if you helped I wouldn’t be so irrational / every damn day it’s like I’m at a funeral” are delivered in one breath. It’s as if the thoughts are tumbling out of their head right at that moment for the first time. Every one of Cicala’s releases feels like a deep breath, one that you take right before you  jump headfirst into a retelling of your favorite story.

Stream “Gdnght” here:

Talkin’ to Breathe will be available on September 6th. PREORDER THE VINYL HERE


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