Track Premiere: Perennial – “Lauren Bacall In Blue”

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Chances are it will take you longer to read this writeup than to listen to Perennial’s brand new track, “Lauren Bacall In Blue”. As usual, Perennial comes out guns blazing with a quick drum beat soon joined by blaring guitars, which leads way into distorted, staccato lines traded back and forth between vocalists Chelsea Hann and Chad Jewett. This explosion carries through the first minute of the song before a dramatic shift to an eerie and quiet organ outro. Jewett, who is also the band’s guitarist, said that “With ‘Lauren Bacall In Blue’ we really wanted to see how far we could push the minimalist parts of Perennial’s sound, really emphasizing that ‘quiet/loud’ dynamic.” As the self-appointed “New Sound of the Avant-Garde” Perennial frequently keeps listeners on their toes in this way, though in order to truly experience what the band is capable of it is important to see them in a live performance where they are truly a nonstop electric force. 

“Lauren Bacall in Blue” is a track from their EP Food For Hornets, which is due out this Friday, December 13th. The EP is intended to hold fans over while Perennial finish up their sophomore album for release early next year. Food For Hornets will have a limited-edition cassette pressing, which is currently available for preorder via Redscroll Records or bundled with a t-shirt through the band’s Bandcamp page. If you’re looking to catch the band live, they are hosting an EP release show on 12/13 with Dump Him, Sentiments, and Doom Beach at MAC650 in Middletown CT. 

Purchase cassette | Purchase cassette + t-shirt bundle | Release show event page

Perennial: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

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