Track Premiere: Peach Fuzz — ‘Indoor Girl’

Posted: by The Editor

Blake Ferrin, who you may know from Portland dream-pop trio No Aloha, has announced a new project titled Peach Fuzz. Whereas the music of No Aloha is balmy and spacious, Peach Fuzz is an outlet for Ferrin to make the scuzzy, balls to the wall rock music he’s been wanting to write since he was a teenager. “Indoor Girl”, the lead single off their upcoming self-titled debut, is a power-pop earworm, equal parts blown-out riffs and sugary melodies. Blending together the guitar heroics of Rivers Cuomo with the garage rock of Ty Segall, Peach Fuzz make music with the unbridled energy of adolescence. 

The idea for “Indoor Girl” came about when Ferrin and Brette Irish, who’s Ferrin’s songwriting partner in No Aloha, noticed how often people use buzzwords like “wanderlust” and “outdoors” as placeholders for having an actual personality in their Tinder bios. “Indoor girl, doesn’t wanna see the world / Indoor girl, doesn’t care about your adventure” sings Ferrin, calling out the facade and ridiculousness of it all. Peach Fuzz’s debut will be dropping later this year.

Stream it below:


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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