Track Premiere: Past Life – “Cardiac”

Posted: by The Editor

The energy generated by Philadelphian synth rock band Past Life is nothing short of pure electricity. When I saw them play the first time in an overcrowded basement (that right now I miss more than I care to admit), I was blown away by how quickly I was grooving along. 

Past Life motivates a crowd by allowing the audience to engage themselves in a plethora of different sound; Anthony Massucci’s smooth bass runs to sway with, in-the-pocket drums from Justin Sterchele carrying the track on their back, explosive accompanying leads by Branden Bauer, or the ear worm melodies weaved by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Dash Williams. The music has such kinetic power to it, especially when seen live as the group dons glow stick crowns and Dash sheds the guitar, shakes a tambourine and beats a lone tom drum in unison with the full band. Past Life sets the stale concepts of pop rock and punk on fire, throws out the bland equipment catalog and refreshes the scene with the raw spirit they sweat out dancing in the ashes.

Emerging through the smoke of the modern world with a firm, strong step, Past Life is releasing “Cardiac,” their first new music in two years. The down time between releases has resulted in an evolution of their sound. A veritable troop of effects wizards, the band has elevated their classic 80’s synth inclusions and layered them tenfold with exciting yet familiar electric tones. Blending those tones with the concrete feel of instruments in the hands of talented artists, “Cardiac” is dynamic, inspiring and heartfelt. The song examines how to discover yourself as an independent and as someone in love; the small moments “sharing stories, getting sushi,” and the bigger risks like “whispering secrets, listing regrets.” It all culminates in a fear of being vulnerable: “saying too much, it’s a weakness.”

“Cardiac is about the awkward subtleties that make up first dates, both good and bad – excitement, limerence, feelings of vulnerability, fear of rejection, overcoming internal flaws, finding genuine connection, etc.” Dash said. “It’s about how we react when things fall into place and when they don’t, and how getting to know someone else is parallel to getting to know yourself.”

With a lot more intense and incredible work on the horizon, “Cardiac” is just the beginning for this impulsive and intelligent group. The future is Past Life.

Luciano Ferrara // @LucianoRFerrara

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