Track Premiere: Parting – “After the Fact”

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We’re reviving the emo revival, baby. At least, Parting is. Comprising members of Empire! Empire!, Annabel, and Dowsing, Parting really sounds like exactly what you’d get to mix the three of them. They capture the melancholy of E! E!, the melody of Annabel, and the drive of Dowsing––and it’s as good as it sounds.

See “After the Fact” for proof. Infectious, bright, and twinkly, “After the Fact” is a perfect throwback to the days of the revival without sounding like a retread or a copy. Co-vocalist and guitarist Ben Hendricks explains, “Even though we recorded the music in 2019, it took the lockdown to really get us focused on recording vocals. It turns out never leaving your house can be a good way to just work on music. This song is kind of about making sense of all of that, but also learning to love writing music again.”

Check it out below:

countyourluckystars · Parting- After The Fact
Unmake Me is out 6/4 via, appropriately enough, Count Your Lucky Stars


Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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