Track Premiere: Moses – ‘Soft Speak’

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I often take long walks with no where to go. I put in my headphones, blast music, and think about things. When I do, Moses are one of my favorite bands to listen to. They create atmospheric and calming indie tracks that meander through my mind, bouncing within my brain. I’ve recommended their past EPs (especially this one that is all about Stephen King’s IT) many times before, and interviewed the band back in January, but this new stuff might be their best yet.

They’ve been crafting their debut LP, New Mood, for a long time, and I am very excited to be premiering the first single right now. I really think you will enjoy it, a rhythmic and meditative listen. Give “Soft Speak” a spin or 2 or 17.

The album will be out on 11/9, but you can preorder it now on vinyl ( from Archer Records) or digitally HERE. How about that album art too right? The pinks and purples perfectly represent the calming tones of the tracks. The band also made some pretty sweet shirts, so you should check those out too.


– Henderson