Track Premiere: Miles Paralysis – “Tuned Out”

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The internet has made it easier than ever to form “supergroups”. Artists no longer have to live in the same city, or even see each other in person, to write and record music together. This has resulted in some awesome collaborations in all sorts of genres, and Miles Paralysis is an example of just that in the mathy punk realm.

Miles Paralysis formed when Jon “Steel Wolf” Markson of Such Gold and Taking Meds (also producer of many great records including Drug Church’s Cheer and the new Stay Inside LP), found the music of Alex Litinsky under the name AM Overcast. Both songwriters found that they shared a similar intricacy and tempo manipulation in their music,  and formed up what Markson called a pen pal relationship, because Alex lived in Winnipeg and Markson in Brooklyn, but this relationship continued to grow, and it resulted in them working on music together as Miles Paralysis.

“In lots of ways Miles Paralysis is really a project of passion.  It’s all about the love of the craft.  We get together and challenge ourselves to write music that really stokes us out and keeps our heads in the craft.  The cross border of the project, and the cross border of how music intersects in our personal lives, brings out our passion for it even more.” – Markson

Miles Paralysis released their first album last year and this week are returning with 4 great new tracks. Today we are lucky enough to be premiering one of them before the EPs full release on Friday. If you are a fan of any of their past work, you absolutely need to check out this new project, and if you aren’t you need to get listening to all of it. These 2 have put together some of my favorite albums of the last decade, and I’m glad to see them working together.

b0nx is out 5/1


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Henderson Cole | @HendoSlice

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