Track Premiere: Mark Allen-Piccolo — ‘Soledad’

Posted: by The Editor

Photo by Mark Allen-Piccolo

Oakland songwriter Mark Allen-Piccolo knows his way around a studio, having worked in the past as both a recording engineer as well as a studio musician with artists such as Francis and the Lights, Tune-Yards, and Harmonix. Having been influenced by the work of artists like Frank Ocean and Panda Bear, coupled with his knowledge of recording studios, his upcoming album Word of the Day, out 5/1 via BotCave records, embraces the limitations of the ways in which it was created, favoring sparse instrumentation and gentle arrangements. The bulk of the material that makes up Word of the Day was pieced together while Piccolo drove back and forth between home and school, giving the album both an urgent and purposeful quality without ever sounding too toiled over.

“Soledad,” the album’s stripped-down lead single, is a quaint and beautiful ode to longing and solitude. Built around a plaintive acoustic guitar, the track faultlessly embodies the spirit of the record, allowing Piccolo’s homespun stylings and knack for melody to rise to the forefront undisturbed. It’s the perfect introduction to a mesmerizing album that exudes such a warmth and otherworldly feel, where the stillness between each note is just as important as the parts you can actually hear.

Stream it below:


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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