Track Premiere: Marinara – “Ugly Sleeper”

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“Why don’t you dream anymore? / We don’t speak anymore.” Made up of members from Active Bird Community, Future Teens and Your Dog, Marinara’s new single is carried by fuzzy bass lines with guitar work that cuts through and fills the space surrounding the almost dream-like song. Listening to Ugly Sleeper is like waking up from a daze filled with realizations surrounding past events and an understanding of why things played out the way they did.

As lead singer and songwriter Nick Cortezi explains, “The song’s a lamentation of friendship lost, shot through one particularly ugly interaction in a backyard in Allston. For a while, there was a certain solipsism I had to navigate when things went belly up with people. This song (and really the triptych that begins the album) still is immature in that way. The chorus is simultaneously an assessment of where things went and a refracted naivety of why it went wrong. When I wished things went different, I needed to investigate my own accountability in the interaction.”

Their new record, I Feel Like Dog, will be out November 8.

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Lindsy Carrasquillo

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