Track Premiere: Made-Up — ‘Who’s Mess, Who’s Tears’

Posted: by The Editor

With two other releases already announced for the young year, the Minneapolis-based label Forged Artifacts is wasting no time in 2019, and they clearly have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. “Who’s Mess, Who’s Tears”, the lead single from Made-Up’s forthcoming self-titled EP, is an infectious and chaotic haze of melancholic psychedelia. While working on this EP, the band made the decision to limit themselves on how many instruments they could use, facilitating new and interesting ways to make unique sounds with familiar equipment.

“Who’s Mess, Who’s Tears” demonstrates how this approach yielded such a distinctive experience—weaving together fractured noise with saccharine melodic turns, the track slowly drifts into something dreamlike, a fuzzy, knotty, aquatic slow-burner. Trying to discern what instruments are being played through the acid-washed production is a fool’s errand, and it also takes away from the allure of Made-Up. Each time you listen you’re able to pick out one more piece of the puzzle, rewarding patience and multiple listens.

Made-Up is out 3/8 via Forged Artifacts


Michael Brooks // @nomichaelbrooks 

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