Track Premiere: Macseal – “Sure Thing, Shelly”

Posted: by The Editor

Photo by: Dana Lovasz

Overflowing with hammer-ons, pull-offs, and unorthodox time signatures, Yeah, No, I Know, Macseal’s EP from last spring, had all the right ingredients for a fourth wave emo hit. After a relentless touring schedule Macseal have emerged a brand new band, and the Long Island emo outfit is firing on all cylinders, more polished and refined than ever before.

“Sure Thing, Shelly”, the bubbly and glossy lead single off their forthcoming EP Map It Out, is a lot less indebted to math-rock and a whole lot more magnetic and infectious–if this dropped 15 years earlier, it would have fit snugly in-between Jimmy Eat World and Death Cab for Cutie on a soundtrack to The O.C. This kind of progression brings to mind fellow Long Islander Jade Lilitri of Oso Oso, who perfected his formula for catchy hooks with the release of last years The Yunahon Mixtape (we named it our favorite album of 2017). “Sure Thing, Shelly” is an unrelenting earworm, it’s pop-punk catharsis from one of the more gripping young bands in the DIY scene.

Map It Out is out November 9 via 6131 Records

Editor’s Note: Full disclosure, Macseal’s Ryan Bartlett now writes for our site, but we love the music even independently of that because its good stuff. 

Michael Brooks | @nomichaelbrooks

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