Track Premiere: Macseal – “There She Goes”

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Cover Art by Ilana Hope

There’s nothing like a great cover. At our fest last year in Philly, Macseal (who released one of the best EPs of 2017) played such a cool cover during their set. “There She Goes” by the La’s. I had to hear it again. The band just nailed it. Little did I know, but the band were actually planning on recording it for a new comp to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention! What a great cause.
The comp is out this Friday, and it’s is a followup to a 2016 comp for the same cause and both feature a great selection of indie and punk bands picking such a diverse list of cover songs. Take a listen to the Macseal track and check out the comp’s track list below!

Track List:
Ratboys – “I Don’t Want To Live on the Moon” (Sesame Street)
Macseal – “There She Goes” (The La’s)
Rozwell Kid – “You’re So Great” (Blur)
Pet Symmetry with Julia Steiner – “Pet Cemetery” (The Ramones)
Nissen – “Don’t Worry Baby” (The Beach Boys)
Palm Poko – “No Wonder” I (LAKE)
Foxy Dads – “Lucky” (Britney Spears).


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