Track Premiere: Lakes – “Warning Signs”

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Last year’s Constance, the debut LP by Watford, UK’s Lakes, was underappreciated in the US. The album seemed to encapsulate the two dominant strains of emo – the more twisty, complex sort and the poppier, more shoutalong sort – into one cohesive LP, not unlike bands like Charmer or Origami Angel (although, notably, with far more patience than either). They feel, in some ways, like a modern version of The Forecast.

The band’s latest single “Warning Signs” sticks to the formula established on Constance for most of its four-minute runtime, a clean and melodic indie song punctuated by airy keys and call-and-response vocals, before its final seconds dissolve into a cacophony of sound. It’s a jolt of energy the band rarely dipped into on their previous LP as the harmonies are replaced by anguished screams. It’s a side of the band we’ve not seen before, and it’s a side they wear well. It hints that the band’s upcoming This World of Ours, It Fell Apart EP might push Lakes in unexpected directions.

This World of Ours, It Fell Apart is out 7/24/20 via Know Hope Records, and is available for preorder.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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