Track Premiere: Kostka—”Motions”

Posted: by The Editor

Sometimes we struggle through life’s obstacles, and despite making it to the other side, we feel more was lost than gained. This unpredictability often gives the future a sinister shadow, which is what Alex Kostka laments of on his latest single, “Motions.”

After years of playing in bands, Kostka found himself pursuing a new direction musically and as a result, distanced himself from working with others in 2013 to figure out what kind of music he wanted to make. Today, Kostka has a stronger grasp on his artistry and has surrounded himself with musicians who are helping him bring his ideas to life. With the help of Chris Tanner, Dave Daniele, and David Beuthin, Kostka is finally whole again.

“Motions” is the first track off a release slated for later this year. The song drives forward steadily with alluring confidence, openly inviting the listener to nod along to the rhythm. The interplay between jangled acoustic guitars and the bite of the electric guitars gives “Motions” a very lively, animated character. In addition, Kostka sings with a soulful bittersweet-ness, tying the pieces together into a slow-motion snapshot of his memories and emotions.

“This is the first song that I have written where I woke up in the middle of the night feeling inspired and ran to my guitar to write,” says Kostka. “This song captures the feeling of distance that presents itself between you and other people during trying times.”

“Motions” reintroduces Kostka’s music as a collective effort, rather than something he does on his own. Though he’s still the one that gets the wheel turning, his bandmates are the ones who provide the ongoing inertia. “Motions” sparkles with energy and potential, stirring excitement for the band’s full release later this year.

Stream “Motions” below:

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