Track Premiere: Khamsin – “Permanent”

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I’ve been waiting for Khamsin to release a full-length for quite a while now. They’ve finally gone and announced one – it’s called What’s Left of Life and it’s coming out on May 13. It’s a powerful record, and the band’s got a great sound. What’s Left of Life is moody and dark, with shades of mewithoutYou, Colour Revolt, and Manchester Orchestra – the band’s not shy about their love of mid-2000s alt rock, and it shines through without coming off like a cheap imitation. Today we’re excited to bring you my personal favorite song on the record, “Permanent.”

Jacob Curry, vocalist/guitarist, explains that the band

wanted the record and especially “Permanent” to feel like you were watching us play live. It’s the rawest performance from all of us. It’s fast, has the pickups on the offbeat to keep things propelling forward throughout different sections, I’m playing drone-y open string riffs, and of course has all the alternating time signature stuff going on. Bloc Party meets American Football, if you will. Lyrically, I’m ruminating on feeling stagnant and numb following my dad’s passing. I was unsure of what to do, how to process and progress, and of course concerned that frustration wasn’t temporary–permanent.

Check out the single below.


What’s Left of Life is out May 13.

Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison

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